• EFFAS, EFRAG and ICAS are supporting the research project of the University of Ferrara

    Research project on the preparation and use of information on intangible assets

    The University of Ferrara is conducting a research project on the preparation and use of information on intangible assets. The research will focus on the following questions:
    What measures and disclosures of unrecognised intangible assets are considered critical by users of this information (investors and financial analysts)?
    How is…

  • AFM Market Watch

    The AFM has published the second edition of its newsletter on MAR, MiFID II and transaction reporting topics

    The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has published the second edition of its newsletter on current capital market topics in an in-depth way.

    One out of every six Dutch citizens makes private investments. They must be able to rely on the proper operation of the market in which they conduct their transactions. Market abuse…

  • Report to G20 and Central Bank Governors

    The FSB Chair has published a letter seeking to address vulnerabilities directly related to COVID-19 and to increase resilience of non-bank financial intermediation

    The Financial Stability Board’s Chair (FSB) has published a letter to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors.
    As the pathway to a post-COVID world is still uncertain, the responsiveness and coordination of the global regulatory community remains as critical now as it was during the past year. The FSB’s ambitious work…

  • 31 Recommendations of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Council to the German government

    The Sustainable Finance Advisory Board has presented its final report on proposals for the further development of sustainable finance in Germany

    According to the Sustainable Finance Advisory Board, the German economy is undergoing a fundamental transformation process due to the climate crisis, digitalization and globalization, and requires the financial sector to mobilize the necessary funds. Sustainable Finance aims to activate all market forces for effective capital allocation…

  • Annual Report - 2020

    ESMA publishes second annual report on the application of waivers and deferrals for non-equity instruments

    The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published its second Annual Report on waivers and deferrals for non-equity instruments under MiFIR. The report includes an analysis of the waivers for non-equity instruments for which ESMA issued an opinion to the National Competent Authorities (NCAs) in the period between 1 January and…

  • Data reporting: EBF supports single EU data dictionary

    Banking industry invites EBA, ESCB and SRB to move swiftly towards a common data dictionary

    The European Banking Federation (EBF) is urging all financial authorities in the EU to support the creation of a single EU data reporting dictionary. This shall form the basis of an integrated and standardized EU framework that can contribute to better supervision and support financial stability by reducing complexity and improving data quality…

  • COVID-19 exposes weaknesses in banks’ recovery plans

    ECB: Findings from the 2020 benchmarking exercise show that banks need to improve their recovery plans to cope with exceptional, system-wide stresses such as the Corona pandemic.

    On 17.02.2021 the ECB has published an article on its findings from the 2020 benchmarking exercise, which was carried out on the 2019 recovery plans of the significant institutions (SIs). It stresses that banks need to further  improve their recovery plans to adequately address the financial impact of extraordinary system-wide crises such as…

  • Update on recent banking developments

    Briefing of the European Parliament

    This briefing gives an update on and summarises recent events and developments in the Banking Union, based on publicly available information.
    The following topics are specifically addressed:

    1. the results of the recent European Central Bank (ECB) Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process
    2. Single Supervisory Mechanism (…