List of abbreviations zeb.regulatory.information

Abbreviations Description
% Percent
& and
§ Paragraph / Article
ABCP Asset-backed Commercial Paper 
ABGB Austrian civil code (Allgemeines bürgerliches Gesetzbuch)
ABS Asset-backed Security
AbwMechG Law on bank resolution framework (Abwicklungsmechanismusgesetz)
AdT1 Additional Tier 1
AFS Panel for financial stability (Ausschuss für Finanzstabilität)
AIA automatic exchange of information
AIF Alternative Investment Fund
AIFM Alternative Investment Fund Manager 
AIFMD Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive 
AIRBA Advanced Internal Ratings-Based Approach
AIS Account Information Services
Algo ID Algorithm Identification
ALM Asset Liability Management
ALMM Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics 
AltvVerbG Regulation for the enhancement of pension plans (Altersvorsorge-Verbesserungsgesetz)
AltZertG German Act on the Certification of Retirement and Basic Pension Plans (Gesetz über die Zertifizierung von Altersvorsorge- und Basisrentenverträgen)
AMA Advanced Measurement Approach (fortgeschrittener Messansatz für operationelle Risiken ) 
AMLD Anti-Money Laundering Directive
AnaCredit Analytical Credit Dataset
APA Approved Publication Arrangement
APRC Annual Percentage Rate of Charge
APV Adjusted Present Value
AP-VO Regulation on the annex of audit reports (Verordnung über die Anlage zum Prüfungsbericht)
Art. Article
ASF Available Stable Funding
AT Austria
ATM Automatic teller machine
AVA Additional Value Adjustment
BaFin German institute for financial supervision (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht)
BaSAG Regulation on recovery and Resolution (Sanierungs- und Abwicklungsgesetz)
BaSaPV bank recovery plan regulation (Bankensanierungsplanverordnung)
BC Basic Cubes
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision 
BG Bulgaria
BGB  German civil code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch)
BGBL Federal gazette of Germany (Bundesgesetzblatt)
BI Business Indicator
BIA  Business Indicator Approach 
BIRD Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary 
BIS Bank for International Settlements
BMASK (AT) Austrian ministry for labour, social policy and consumer protection (Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales und Konsumentenschutz )
BMF German ministry of finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen)
BMJV German ministry of justice and consumer protection (Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz )
Bn. Billion
BP  Basis Points
BRL  Brazilian Real 
BRRD Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive 
BS balance sheet amount (Bilanzsumme)
BSI German ministry of security and information technology (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik)
BuBa German Central Bank (Bundesbank)
BWG Austrian Banking Act (Bankenwesengesetz (Österreich))
BZSt German Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) 
CA Competent authority
CBC Counterbalancing Capacity
CCF Credit Conversion Factor 
CCP  Central Counterparty 
CCR  Counterparty Credit Risk
CDS  Credit Default Swap 
CEBS Committee of European Banking Supervisors
CECL Current Expected Credit Losses
CEM Current Exposure Method
CESR Center for Environmental Systems Research
CET 1  Common Equity Tier 1
cf. compare
CFR Core Funding Ratio
CLP  Chilean Peso 
CM  Clearing Member 
CMU Capital Market Union
CNVA Constant Net Asset Value
CNY  Chinese yuan
CoCo-Bonds Contingent Convertible Bonds 
COM Commission
COP  Colombian peso
COREP Common solvency ratio reporting
CP  Consultation Paper
CPMI Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures 
CR Credit Rating
CRA Credit rating agency
CRD  Capital Requirements Directive 
CRM  Credit Risk Management 
CRR Capital Requirements Regulation
CSD  Central Securities Depositories 
CSDR Central Securities Depositories Regulation
CSR Corporate social responsibility
CV Curriculum Vitae
CVA Credit Valuation Adjustment 
CY Cyprus
DCGK German corporate goveranacne codex (Deutscher Corporate Governance Kodex )
DE  Germany (Deutschland)
DelVO Delegated act (Delegierte Verordnung)
DGS Deposit Guarantee Scheme
DIF Deposit Insurance Funds 
DKK Danish krone
DLT Distributed Ledger Technology
Doc. Document
DP Discussion Paper (Diskussionspapier)
DQ Data Quality
DRSP Data Reporting Services Provider
DTI Debt to income
DTS Draft Technical Standards
DV Delegated act (Delegierte Verordnung)
DWH Datawarehouse
e. g. for example
EAD Exposure at Default
EBA European Banking Authority
EbAV Institutions for occupational retirement provision (Einrichtungen der betrieblichen Altersversorgung )
EC European Commission
ECAI External Credit Assessment Institutions
ECB European Central Bank
ECL Expected Credit Loss
ECOFIN Economic and Financial counsel (Rat f. Wirtschaft und Finanzen)
ECON Panel for Econmics and currency of the European Parliament (Ausschuss für Wirtschaft und Währung des Europäischen Parlaments)
econ. economical
ED Exposure Draft
EDIS European Deposit Insurance Scheme 
EE Estonia
EE Expected Exposure
EEA European Economic Area 
EESC European Economic and Social Committee 
eG cooperative association (Eingetragene Genossenschaft)
EG European Community (Europäische Gemeinschaft)
EGBGB  Introductory Act to the Civil Code (Einführungsgesetz zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuche)
E-GeldE Electronic Money Act
EIOPA European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority 
EKU Equity backing (Eigenkapitalunterlegung)
EL Greece
EL Expected Loss 
ELA Emergency Liquidity Assistance
ELTIF European Long-Term Investment Fund
EMIR European Market Infrastructure Regulation
EP European Parliament
EPM Efficient portfolio management 
ERBA  External Ratings Based Approach
ERF European Reporting Framework
ESAEG German Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Act (Einlagensicherungs- und Anlegerentschädigungsgesetz)
ESAs  European Supervisory Authorities
ESCB European System of Central Banks
ESIS European Standardised Information Sheet
ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority 
esp. especially
etc. et cetera
EU European Union
EUR Euro
EURIBOR Euro Interbank Offered Rate
EuSEF European Social Entrepreneurship Fund 
EuVECA European Venture Capital Fund 
FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act 
FBA Fall-back approach
ff. following pages
FI Financial Institution
FinaRisikoV Regulation on financial and risk bearing capacity information (Finanz- und Risikotragfähigkeits-informationenverordnung)
FinaV Financial information directive (Finanzinformationenverordnung)
FINREP Financial Reporting Framework
FinStab financial markets stability (Finanzmarktstabilität)
FIRB Foreign Investment Review Board 
FKAustG Regulation on information exchange on financial accounts (Finanzkonten-Informationsaustauschgesetz)
FMA Austrian Financial Markets Authority (Finanzmarktaufsicht (Österreich))
FMA-KVO cost regulation of FMA  (Kostenverordnung der Finanzmarktaufsicht)
FMI Financial Market Infrastructure
FMSA German Institute für financial markets stability (Bundesanstalt für Finanzmarktstabilisierung)
FMSANeuOG Gesetz zur Neuordnung der Aufgaben der Bundesanstalt für Finanzmarktstabilisierung 
FMStFG Finanzmarktstabilisierungsfondsgesetz 
FMStFV  Finanzmarktstabilisierungsfonds-Verordnung
FMV Funds Reporting Regulation (Fonds-Melde-Verordnung)
FP Funding Plans
FRA Forward Rate Agreement
FRTB Fundamental Review of the Trading Book
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSC Financial Stability Committee
FV  Fair Value 
FX Foreign Exchange
G20  Group ot Twenty
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 
GCC Groups of Connected Counterparties
G-CRAECL Guidance on credit riskandaccounting for expected credit losses
GD General Direction
GDP Gross Domestic Product 
GewO Code of Trade and Commerce (Gewerbeordnung)
GFS General Functional Specifications
GL Guideline
GMSG  Code of Trade and Commerce (Gemeinsames Meldestandard-Gesetz)
GocC Groups of Connected Clients
GS-I Global Standards One
G-SIBs Global Systemically Important Banks
G-SIFIs Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions 
G-SII Global Systemically Important Institution
h Hours
HFT High-frequency trading
HGB German Coomercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch)
HIKrG Act on mortgage and property loans (Hypothekar- und Immobilienkreditgesetz)
HQLA High quality liquid assets (Hochliquide Aktiva)
HR Human Resources
HU Hungary
i. a. in accordance
i. e. that means
IAS International Accounting Standards
IASB International Accounting Standards Board
ICAAP Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process 
ICS internal control systems
ID  Identification Number
IDR  Indonesian Rupiah
IDV non-automatic data processing (Individuelle Datenverarbeitung)
IDW Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer)
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IGA Intergovernmental Agreement
ILAAP Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process 
IM Internal Model
IMA  Internal Models Approach 
IMM Internal Model Method 
Immo-InvFG Regulation on real estate and investment fund (Immobilien-Investmentfondsgesetz)
incl. including
INR  Indian Rupee
InstitutsVergV Guidelines on sound remuneration (Institutsvergütungsverordnung)
InvFG Funds Reporting Regulation (Investmentfondsgesetz)
InvG Investment regulation (Investmentgesetz)
IOSCO  International Organization of Securities Commissions 
IP Internet Protocol
IPS Institutional Protection Schemes 
IR Internal revision (Interne Revision)
IRB  Internal Ratings Based 
IRBA  Internal Ratings-Based Approach 
IRC Incremental Risk Capital
IRD Interest Rate Derivative
IRRBB Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book 
IS Iceland
IS Systematic internaliser
ISDA International Swaps and Derivatives Association
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IT Information Technology
ITS Implementing Technical Standards
IVV Guidelines on sound remuneration (Institutsvergütungsverordnung)
JSTs Joint Supervisory Teams
KAGB Investment code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch)
KESt tax on capital gains (Kapitalertragssteuer)
KI credit institution (Kreditinstitut)
KID account information service (Kontoinformationsdienst)
KMG capital markets act (Kapitalmarktgesetz)
KontRegG Central account repository and account inspections act (Kontenregister- und Konteneinschaugesetz)
KredReorgG Law on re-organisation of credit institutions (Kreditinstitute-Reorganisationsgesetz)
KRW  South Korean Won
KSA Standardised approach for credit risk (Kreditrisiko-Standardansatz)
KWG German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz)
KYO Know your customer
LCR Liquidity Coverage Ratio
LDP Low Default Portfolio
LEI Legal Entity Identifier
LG lessor (Leasinggeber)
LGD Loss Given Default
LI Liechtenstein
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
Li-SREP Liquidity Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process
LN lessee (Leasingnehmer)
LR  Leverage Ratio 
LRCalc  Leverage Ratio Calculation  
LSI Less Significant Institutions
LT Lithuania
LTA Look-through approach
LTV Loan-to-Value
LV Latvia
LVNAV Low Volatility Net Asset Value
MAD Market Abuse Directive
MAR Market Abuse Regulation
MaRisk Minimum requirements for risk management (Mindestanforderungen an das Risikomanagement)
max.  maximum
MBA Mandate-based approach
MBM Marktbewertungsmethode (market valuation method)
MIF  Multilateral Interchange Fee
MiFID Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
MiFIR Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation 
Mio. Million
ML Money Laundering
MMF Money Market Fund
MREL Minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities
MT message type
MT Malta
MTF Multilateral Trading Facility 
MW  Reporting department (Meldewesen )
MYR  Malaysian Ringgit
NCA National Competent Authority
NDF  Non-Deliverable Forward 
NFC  Non-Financial Counterparty 
NGAAP  National Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 
NIMM Non-Internal Model Method
NO Norway
No. Number
NOK  Norwegian krone
NSFR Net Stable Funding Ratio
OCI  Other Comprehensive Income 
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OEM Original Exposure Method
OeNB  Austrian Central Bank (Österreichische Nationalbank)
OGA   Collective investment undertakings (Organismus für gemeinsame Anlagen)
OGAW Undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities (Organismus für gemeinsame Anlagen in Wertpapieren)
OIS  Overnight Index Swaps 
ONDs Options and National Discretions
OP Opinion
OpRisk Operational Risk
O-SIBs  Other Systemically Important Banks
O-SII Other Systemically Important Institutions
OTC Over-the-Counter 
OTF Organized Trading Facility
P/L, P&L Profit and Loss 
PAngV  Quotation of Prices Act (Preisangabenverordnung)
par. paragraph
PD Prospectus Directive
PD Propability of Default 
PEP Political Exposed Persons
PfandBG German Covered Bond Act (Pfandbriefgesetz)
PFMI Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures
PHP  Philippine peso
PIN  Personal identification number
PIS Payment Initiation Services
PL Poland
PLN Polish zloty
PONV Point of non-viability
PRIIPs Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance-based Investment Products 
PSD Payment Services Directive 
PT Portugal
Q Quarter
Q&A Questions & Answers
Q-CCP Qualifying Central Counterparty
QIS Quantitative impact study 
RCAP Regulatory Consistency Assessment Programme
RFID Radio Frequency Identification  
RGW risk weight (Risikogewicht)
RIs Risk Indicators
RiskAbschG Regulation on shielding of risk and on recovery and resolution plans for credit institutions and financial groups (Gesetz zur Abschirmung von Risiken und zur Planung der Sanierung und Abwicklung von Kreditinstituten und Finanzgruppen)
RL Guideline (Richtlinie)
RRP Recovery and Resolution Plans
RSF Required Stable Funding
RStruktFG German restructuring law for funds (Restrukturierungsfondsgesetz)
RStruktG German restructuring law (Restrukturierungsgesetz)
RTS Regulatory Technical Standards 
RUB  Russian ruble
RW risk weight
RWA Risk Weighted Assets
SA Standard Approach
SA-CCR Standardised Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk
SA-CVA Standardised Approach for Credit Valuation Adjustment
SAG German BRRD implementation act (Sanierungs- und Abwicklungsgesetz)
SB Shadow-Banking
SBA Sensitivity based Approach
SBP Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolios
SC Smart Cubes
SCA Strong Customer Authentification
SE Sweden
SEC-ERBA Securitisation External Ratings-Based Approach
SEC-IRBA Securitisation Internal Ratings-Based Approach
SEC-SA Securitisation Standardised Approach
SecuRe Pay  The european forum on the security of retail payments 
SEK Swedish crown
SEPA Single Euro Payments Area
SF Supporting Factor
SFD Start Frame Delimiter 
SFTR Securities Financing Transaction Regulation 
SI Systematic Internalizer 
SiEi-APV Protection schemes (Sicherungseinrichtungen-APV (Austria))
SIMM Standard Initial Margin Model 
SIPS Systemically important payment system
SIs Significant Institutions 
SL Specialized Lending
SM Standard Method
SMA Standardised Measurement Approach
SME Small and medium-sized enterprises
SolvV German Solvency Regulation (Solvabilitätsverordnung)
SP Spain
SPE Supervisory Pilot Exercise 
spec. special
SPV Special Purpose Vehicle
SREP Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process
SRF Single Resolution Fund
SRI Summary Risk Indikator
SRM Single Resolution Mechanism
SSM Single Supervisory Mechanism
SSSs Securities settlement system
STC Simple, Transparent and Comparable 
STE Short Term Exercise
STMMF Short-term money market funds
STP Straight-through Processing 
STS Simple, Transparent and Standardised
sVaR Stressed Value at Risk
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
T Thousand
T2 Tier 2
T2S TARGET2-Securities
TB Trading Book
TLAC Total Loss-Absorbing Capacity 
TR Trade Repository
TRIM Targeted Review of Internal Models
TS Technical Standard
TWD  Taiwan dollar
UCITS  Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities
UGB Austrian Commercial code (Unternehmergesetzbuch )
UNIFI UNIversal Financial Industry message scheme
UPI Unique product identifier
USD  United States Dollar
UTC-Time Coordinated Universal Time
UTI Unique transaction identifier
VAG  Insurance supervision law (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz)
VaR Value at Risk
VERA Wealth, profit and risk disclosure (Vermögens-, Erfolgs- und Risikoausweis)
VM  Variation Margin
VO  Regulation (Verordnung)
VVaG  Mutual insurance association (Versicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit)
VZKG Consumer payment account act (Verbraucherzahlungskontogesetz)
WpDVerOV  Investment service-, behaviour- and organisation- directive (Wertpapierdienstleistungs- Verhaltens- und Organisations-verordnung)
WpHG Securities Trading Act (Wertpapierhandelsgesetz)
XBRL eXtensible Business Reporting Language
yrs. Years
ZaDIG Austrian Payment Services Act (Zahlungsdienstegesetz)
ZAG German Payment Services Oversight Act (Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz )