National thresholds for shareholder identification under the Revised Shareholder Rights Directive

ESMA has published a draft for the identification of shareholders

In accordance with its legal obligation under Article 3.a(7), and in order to facilitate transparency around the regimes adopted across Member States (and other countries that are part of the EU single market), ESMA published a draft table. The table is based on information provided by Member States and presents the national thresholds above which shareholders can be identified.

Where a Member State has decided not to adopt a threshold, this is indicated. The table furthermore provides hyperlinks to the applicable national legislation relating to shareholder identification. For Member States that have not yet transposed the Revised Shareholder Rights Directive, the table contains an indication of this and provides information on the status of the legislative process at the time of finalisation of the present document.

The entire draft of the National thresholds for shareholder identification can be found here.